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About Travel Watch

Travel Watch is a daily news service featuring the Frommer Luxury Travel & Frommer Sports, with a staff of approximately 40 writers and 24 contributing writers, photographers, and videographers.  Travel Watch publishes about 40 news, features and reviews daily (Monday through Friday) for approximately 124,000 subscribers.  Subscribers include frequent travelers, corporate travel managers, travel agents, other publications.  Approximately 385 newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio stations carry Travel Watch's stories making the combined circulation 930,000 to 3,250,00. (Circulation may vary depending upon date and subject.)


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Travel Watch provides FREE access to sample articles for personal use.  The Member's Only area is available by paid subscription, is accessible through CompuServe, America Online, Microsoft Interchange, Prodigy, air radio delivery.  It provides access to Travel Watch's full archive of news, features, and reviews.


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