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 La Galerie at the Four Seasons George V, Paris


If you are into people watching  in elegant surroundings, studying tapestries, paintings and the like - La Galerie at the Four Seasons is the location for you. A pianist plays every day, too.  

The menu contains such items as Chicken Consommé with Mushroom Ravioli, Six Merennes Rock Oysters, salads Roosevelt and Niçoise, excellent sandwiches like George V Club Sandwich with Lobster.     


Main dishes featured are Citrus Tajine of Duclair Duck and Seared Sea Scallops with Lentils and Black Truffle from the Tricastin Region.


Cheese and desserts bring an end to the dining experience with a sweet exclamation point further enhanced by a friendly staff and attentive service.

One can dine and at the same time watch a fashionable parade of people strolling down an avenue looking out to a beautiful courtyard where the weather is beautiful anytime of the year - even in winter.  

Photos by Harvey Frommer

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Myrna Katz Frommer is a poet and contributor to such publications as The Forward, Ha'aretz, The New York Times, and The Encyclopedia of Jewish Women.

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