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India Part 2 - Jaipur - A Colorful Surprise ...

Professor Arnie Greenberg

After our exciting stay in Agra we headed out into the desert to the old fortress cities, The first stop was Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. The city gets its name from the Maharaja Jai Singh II who was an astronomer and great warrior. Hence Jai and pur is city. Today it is referred to as the “Pink City”.

View from Jaipur Fort

With the memory of the great Agra Fort of Akbar the Great we arrived in the city of stones with anticipation. We were not disappointed. This was not only unique but in a way we hadn’t anticipated. Possibly because Jai Singh was an astronomer.

We arrived at the exotic Hotel Bissau Palace. There is nothing in North America to come near it. Where else can you eat is ornate Indian atmosphere or live in surroundings of a Maharaja? Our dinner was truly Indian traditional and later, a show of dancers and musicians in traditional garb, entertained us in the lobby entrance.

Bissau Palace

 Dining room

We slept well and were ready the next day when we headed to the Amber fort in the style of Maharajas of the past on the backs of elaborately painted elephants.

The town’s architecture is ancient and exciting. We visited the museum at the city Palace and saw royal robes, carpets of many colors, ancient weapons, paintings of battle scenes and processions. Passing the Palace of the Winds  (Chandra Mahal) in the middle of town I thought I had seen it all but little did I know that because Jai was an astronomer, there would be a greater legacy. I found it at Jantar Mantar an open air observatory. Here is a display of instruments like none other.. Made of stone and marble, each has a curious but specific purpose such as measuring the position of stars, altitudes and calculating the times of eclipses. There is even a sundial with a 27 meter high rod. And remember, this was all set up after 1728 and is still accurate today.

Jaipur is famous for its semi precious stones which can be purchased at the Johari bazaar. There are also miniature paintings, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry of silver and other local materials to be worn on the forehead (rakhri), the nose (Nath), the ankles (paijeb) and bangles of all colors to be worn all over the arm as Rajasthani women do. I saw leather and camel hide footwear (mojris) embroidered  with beads. Even their handmade paper is a prize to attain.

But Jaipur is elephants and they are the way to get up to the Fort. There are painted elephants everywhere and a trip to the fort means a ride on the back of this enormous and beautiful creature.

Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds)

Elephant Transport..A must...


As luck would have it, we arrived at Jaipur on the first day of their 15 day gift giving Festival. The sky at night was a myriad of lights as frire works ushered in Dawali. This is a time for family meetings, gift giving and togetherness. It was exciting to be greeted with “Happy Dawali” bu almost everyone. It certainly put us in the festive mood of our surroundings. People smiled, took our pictures and with folded hands they humbly wished us well. One cannot describe the warm feeling.

One stop was at a stone wholesaler. As we entered, I noticed the most beautiful sun umbrellas drying in the sun. They make wonderful gifts.

The fort was decorated with semi precious and precious stones. It boggles the imagination to see them in the sun but a return to our hotel and time to think gave us a feeling of history and we were able to visualize the pomp and grandeur of a kingdom never conquered.

But we were in for more.

Another gift just begging to be purchased is a traditionally dressed puppet. They are found everywhere as are the miniature paintings. We were fortunate enough to have a puppeteer at our hotel As soon as seven or more people would gather, the performance would begin. I have one of these in my office now.  I also have a beautiful pair of hand made leather slippers, another way to remember…not that I’ll ever forget.

NEXT..The Holy city of Pushkar…

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