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Khalifa Airways Continues Strengthening Its Domestic Market
Mourad Teyeb 

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It is now up to the Algerian parliament to decide whether or not to allow foreign participation in the nation's airport system.

A draft law 98-06 that was drafted in June 1998 has recently been submitted to parliament. The proposed changes will probably be debated just after the passing of the finance law and state budget for fiscal year 2001. Algerian officials say this new law will remove the restrictions to foreign investors seeking to invest and operate airports. So far, the law allowed only Algerian companies to compete in such infrastructure. The new law amends articles 43 and 47 often considered ambiguous, removing the requirement that investing and operating companies must be in majority Algerians.

But with limited financial resources from both the public and private sectors, Algeria is now turning to foreign investors and operators inviting them to commit resources and expertise in major airport infrastructure projects.


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