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Quebec's Laurentian mountains:  Where Time Stands Real Still . . .

Arnie Greenberg


After a lifetime of work and play in one of the world’s most interesting city, I finally decided it was time to head west. But after four months of absenteeism, my mind and heart returns to that perfect Eden”, just north of Montreal, in the oldest set of mountains where activity and lasting memories of total relaxation meld together.

When I was a boy, my family spent summers in Ste. Agathe. When I decided to have a house built, I chose the St. Donat area farther north. Ste Agathe was getting too populated for my needs.

My weekends were spent about 90 miles north on a crystal clear lake, teeming with trout and a myriad of colors second to none. My weekend-summer home was on the shores of Lac Croche in the St Donal area where two larger lakes, Archambeault and Ouareau (war-oh) drew me for over 20 years.

There, on a quiet bay, I fished, water-skied, sailed and canoed daily at twilight as the water became glass-like. The ony sounds were the calls of loons or the rustling of breezes in the crimson mountains that surrounded me and my growing family.

Not far from the welcoming town of st. Donat, we were close enough to shop, dine out, meet friends and play golf. The town, built around the church, boasted bakeries, rentals, lumber and groceries. There were children’s camps in the area and a constant trail of canoe trippers on the peaceful lakes.

Just a few miles to the north was Tremblant Park where one could fish for lake troutin a rented canoe on a privite, reserved lake for very little cash.Tremblant Village, to the north boasted a ski center second to none. It is highest run in the Laurentians and has been drawing people for many years. There was even an airport that could bring visitors to this 3,900 ft mecca and the area is expanding yearly.

 To a map viewer it seemed so tiny in this 22,000 sq km of forest that covered most of the privince of Quebec. And remember, most of Europe would fit into the area of Quebec. This area of 4,000 lakes offered the perfect getaway from the bustling city. Visitors from all over the world have enjoyed rural Quebec. For me, it was a way of life. We had friends next door and our children played together. I would often go up there alone to fix something or relax. There was no better place for me to write my first book.

Home Sweet Home

Tremblant Village

With activities such as dog-sleding, horseback riding rafting, snorkeling, apple picking, mountain climbing and cycling, the area offered activities all year around. I remember the day we went cross country skiing in Tremblant Park and at each stop, birds would come down and eat out of our hands. It was blissfully silent with the occasional deer peeking through the snow covered trees.

But the fall was my favorite time. We could still play golf, have a bonfire by the water and play in the piles of fallen leaves. A camera was a must but others prefered, sketch pads paint brushes or just field glasses. The mountains looked like they were on fire. That vision stays with you forever.

From Montreal on the recently-built Autoroute 13, one could be in Ste Agathe in about an hour. Here one would stop on the highway for a special trimmed hot dog and fries. Also in Ste.Agathe are B&bs, motels and hotels for all budgets.

Autum Leaves

Suggestions: Ste Agathe (63 miles north)                  …        

Auberge du Lac Des Sables

Toll Free Info. 1 819 326 3994

Mont Tremblant Tourist Office…1 819 425 2434

St. Donat…Hotel Manoir des Laurentides…1 819 424 2121

See Laurentians web site for complete accommodations lists or contact me for suggestions.

Note: a short drive north to St. Sauveur can be a perfect day trip. Here you will find great restaurants (Gibby’s), spas, upscale shopping and great afternoon skiing. This town is growing since people living here can commute to Montreal or the area in between for their jobs.

Arnie Greenberg

From British Columbia]

You can Contact Professor Arnie Greenberg at


Over the past few years, Professor Greenberg has traveled with groups to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and both Sorrento and the Bay of Naples plus most of Sicily. His tours traveled to the far reaches of the globe including Italy and most of China (Beijing -Hong Kong) and to Russia where his group cruised the waters from St.Petersburg to Moscow. 

"He took a group to Greece and another to northern Russia. In Nov 07 he took a tour group to much of India and ended his tour groups by revisiting France. He now travels with his wife and friends. They winter in Argentina or San Miguel Mexico.  His newly found spare time is taken up with his painting and writing. "I must write every day." His current work is a cautionary manual for would-be tour leaders..  "So You Want To Be A Tour Leader." 

Arnie now travels with friends. He continues writing Travel articles about unusual places but often concentrates on novel writing. Two books based on French Art will be published this year.  Keep reading his web for travel ideas.  His next novel HELLSTORM'S Folly, will be available this fall. He now lives in British Columbia.

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