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Mourad Teyeb 

Mediterranean 2000: Cruising For Humanitarian Purposes
Mourad Teyeb 

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"Le Don du vent" will bring to Tunisia a group of 10 young people from Morocco, Egypt, France and Libya, February 9 Through 14.

A cruise ship whose name literally means "the gift of wind, "Le Don du Vent" will set anchor in the Sidi Bou Sad harbour carrying on board, in addition to the 10 youngsters, representatives of the French Red Cross Society and three crew members.

Organised by the French Red Cross, the visit is part of a tourist and cultural event held in anticipation of the eighth conference of Mediterranean Red Cross and Red Crescent Organizations to take place may 11 through 13,2000, in nice, France. The conference is expected to focus primarily on immigration, health and environmental issues.

Called Mediterranean 2000, the cruise that will last from January to May 2000 is targeted at young people in difficult social situations in 20 Mediterranean nations. The humanitarian trip hopes to help disseminate essential humanitarian values and consolidate young people's self-confidence. 

Ten other young people coming from Spain, Algeria , Croatia and France will also be arriving to Tunisia by air on February 14.

The Tunisian Red Crescent Organization has prepared an important cultural  and touristic program in favor of these two groups.

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Mourad Teyeb Mourad Teyeb holds degrees in English and Literature, Educational Psychology, and Computer Science.  Fluent in English, French, Arabic, German, and Italian. Mourad's, Mourad trained with the African Center for the Training and with Recycling of  Journalists, Tunisian Papers and Magazines.  In additional to journalism, Mourad has also had travel agent tour operating training. (More about Mourad Teyeb.)

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