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"Lost Links"

Dr. Harvey Frommer on Sports

Sports Book Review

Over-sized, ample, luxurious, "Lost Links" by Daniel Wexler (Clock Tower Press, $45.00, 236 pages) is as its sub-title declares about "forgotten treasures of golf's golden age." The book features such lost links as Baldwin Hills Golf Club, California Country Club, Glen Oaks Country Club, Miami Country Club. It also goes into depth in words and sketches on lost nines like Congressional Country Club, Hanover Country Club and also includes lost holes of famous courses.  A few of these include Bel-Air Country Club, Quaker Ridge Country Club. There are also maps included in this historic book of prominent golfing cities like Boston, Miami and San Diego.
Wexler, a former golf pro turned historian has really done his homework and we are the better for it. This is a book to be savored by all golfers and by sports fans interested in the history of golf's golden age.   
Also in the golfing mode is "Playing Partners" by George Peper (Warner, $24.95, 272 pages), a book that traces a love for the sport and a father and son relationship made stronger and richer through golf. It is a beautifully written and poignantly told tale - -as the sub-title proclaims of "A Father, a Son and Their Shared Addiction to Golf." This is a book for fathers and son, for golfers  everywhere.
"Bud, Sweat & Tees" by Alan Shipnuck (Simon and Schuster, $13.00, 317 pages) goes into the wacky, wild, unpredictable world of the PGA Tour. A bit like "Ball Four," the book is an engaging and irreverent look at the little known sub-culture of a sport. A worthwhile read for all sports fans.
If you are deeply interested in baseball trivia, facts, figures, origins -  "Why is the Foul Pole Fair?" by Vince Staten  (Simon and Schuster, $19.95, 285 pages) is the book for you. Slim in size and hefty in price - Staten goes into questions about the national pastime that border on the arcane, the absurd. Among the things you will learn are that Rod Carew swung a C271 Louisville Slugger. He was the 271st player with a last name starting with a "C" to order his own model bat. If information like this is what interests you - pick up a copy of the book.
"The Ultimate Book of Sports Lists" is  just that. Jammed with 283 lists and 4,000 facts including a dozen of the stupidest ideas in sports, the most memorable trades, the strangest ailments, "The Ultimate book of Sports Lists" by Andrew Postman and Larry Stone (Black Dog and Leventhal, 438 pages) is a treasure lode of everything you might want to know about sports and a good deal that you can easily pass by.
Give Postman credit for digging, digging away and finding all kinds of arcane and unusual items. If you rest your eyes on page 137 you will even learn what a Jamaican Olympic sprinter, an Australian tennis star and an American all-star hurler have in common.   This is a book to hold on to - you never know what kind of sports questions will come up, and chances are the answer to it will be in the pages of "The Ultimate Book of Sports Lists"
A highly interesting book is "Clubhouse Lawyer: the Sport's Fans Guide to Life and the Law" by Frederick J. Day (iUniverse, Inc., $27.95, 468 pages). The author is an attorney in Fall Church, Virginia and throughout the pages of his book there is a fusion of the law and sports. Some of the subject matter focuses on the relocation and contraction of sports franchises,  sports agents, sports-related injuries, locker room secrets.  Aided by clear, concise writing and fascinating anecdotes - the book is a winner.
For basketball fans there is "Incredible Basketball" by Kenneth M. Olynyk (Sport Books Publishing, $19.95, 204 pages) and "Basketball's Best Shots" with a foreword by Walt Frazier (DK Publishing, $30.00, 160 pages). The former, enhanced by more than 300 illustrations is focused on drills, lead up games, techniques to improve hoop skills. The latter is a fabulous collection of mostly full color photos showcasing NBA stars in action. Light on text, it is a book that is easy on the eyes.
The diminutive "Quotable Eddie Robinson" by Aaron S. Lees (TowleHouse Publishing, $14.94,134 pages) is a collection of quips, quotes and sayings from the fabled coach he was in charge of football at  Grambling for more than half a century.
"A Farewell to Heroes" by Frank Graham, Jr. (Southern Illinois University Press, 302 pages) was originally published in 1981 and was long out of print. Now there is this dual autobiography covering about fifty years of New York sports life. This is a father-son effort. Frank Graham was a star sportswriter for the "New York Sun." His son Frank Graham, Jr., well regarded as a teller of sports tales, picks up the book's  narrative.

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Harvey Frommer is in his  38th year of writing books. A noted oral historian and sports journalist, the author of 42 sports books including the classics: "New York City Baseball,1947-1957" and "Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball," his acclaimed REMEMBERING YANKEE STADIUM was published in 2008 and his REMEMBERING FENWAY PARK: AN ORAL AND NARRATIVE HISTORY OF THE HOME OF RED SOX NATION was published to acclaim in 2011.  The prolific Frommer is at work on When It Was Just a Game, An Oral History on Super Bowel One. 

His work has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, Newsday, USA Today, Men's Heath, The Sporting News, among other publications.

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