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Manhattan Inn - New York City

By Susan G. Sharp-Anderson

New York City!  The lights of Times Square! The glitz of the theaters! The bustle of the people and the subway! The shopping, the flowers, the art, the clubs and the tourist sites!  The bohemian cafes in Greenwich Village!  What could be more tempting?  Staying in New York City is exciting.  Finding a place to stay can be expensive. 

I like to go to New York often.  But, I don’t want to always spend a lot of money on a hotel.  Most of the time, I’m not even in my room!  With the help of my New York friends, I found a reasonably priced, safe and very clean haven at the Manhattan Inn.

Conveniently located, one block from Penn Station, on the corner of W. 30th St. and 8th Ave., the Manhattan Inn is a place to hang my clothes, rest, and get ready to go on the town.  Whether I drive, fly or take the train, it’s proximity to the train station, subway and parking garages make it favorable.  Although some think it is not the “best” part of town, I find it adventuresome.

Walking the area, I find many little shops selling pastries, newspapers and such.  I am happy to find several Starbuck’s around  Penn Station, as I enjoy its coffee and atmosphere. The marquis at Madison Square Gardens next to the station displays the coming events. The large post office is across 8th Ave. from the station, while the Pennsylvania Hotel faces the Gardens.  The side streets are homes to clubs, stores and warehouses.

Below ground, amongst the teeming crowds of the subway and railroad, I linger at the different shops and restaurants each day, as Penn Station is a virtual maze.  After several days, I think I’ve seen everything at least once.

The Manhattan Inn is run by Koreans, who sometimes have difficulty with English.  However, I never feel uncomfortable.  It’s lobby is modernly decorated with a side dining room / kitchenette for the light breakfast that is included in the room price.  They provide newspapers and brochures.

My room is on the third floor, and my only disappointment in the place is that there is no elevator.  This hotel is definitely not handicapped accessible.  But anyone staying here will stay fit!  The small room includes a double bed, table, nightstand, framework for hanging clothes, with the TV atop, and a coat tree.  The bathroom is also small and newly decorated with modern tiles.  The window air conditioner keeps the room adequately cool, and not only is it comfortable, but is spotlessly clean.  The decoration is distinctly European.

With its international flavor, advantageous location, moderate price and friendly, safe atmosphere, I recommend this secret to those who would rather spend their money on the theater, clubs and food, than on the room in which they spend one tenth of their time.

Manhattan Inn is located at 303 W. 30th St., between 8th & 9th Avenue in New York City.  Reservations can be made at 212-629-9612, 9615, or 4064, or on the web at

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