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The Melting Pot - Bedford, M.A.

By: Kellie K. Speed

If you haven’t been to a Melting Pot restaurant then you have no idea what you are missing; but you are about to find out. Imagine sitting back, relaxing and sharing a mouthwatering four-course fondue experience with your closest friends.
The Bedford location recently opened on Burlington Road and offers one of the most unique dinners we had ever been to.  With more than 100 locations nationwide, we were surprised that we had never heard of The Melting Pot before in our travels but were surely glad we stopped in for dinner.  Here, guests can sample savory fondue, tasty salads and sumptuous chocolate desserts allowing each diner to “dip into something different” each bite.
If you are looking for a romantic night out, request a secluded and romantic table down “Lover's Lane,” a seating area designed specifically to create a truly intimate atmosphere for couples.  For larger parties, a private banquet room (with a cozy fireplace) accommodates groups of up to 36 guests.
Co-owner Kirsten Fischer suggested we sample the Big Night Out, which starts with a selection of cheese fondue, individual salad, entrée an cooking style and ends with a selection of chocolate sampling.
We took her suggestion and started with the Wisconsin trio creamy cheese fondue.  The blend of creamy Fontina and Butterkase with buttermilk blue cheese and white wine was complemented with a hint of sherry and flavorful scallions. 
Guests are then invited to sample an individual salad.  We chose the mushroom salad (overloaded with mushrooms) but topped with a creamy parmesan Italian dressing.  The chef’s salad was a particular standout, loaded with crisp greens, sliced eggs, smoked ham and cucumbers.
We were then requested to select from four cooking styles for our entrees – court bouillon (homemade seasoned vegetable broth), Bourguignonne (European-style fondue in canola oil), Mojo style (Caribbean seasoned bouillon with garlic and citrus) and the coq au vin (herbs, mushrooms, garlic and spices in a burgundy wine).  We chose the latter and were glad we did as we later discovered it was the most popular alternative.
For dinner, guests choose from a variety of entrees including filet mignon, lobster, breast of chicken, duck, shrimp, salmon and more.  We sampled the Fondue Fusion, which for $92 per couple, included lobster tail, shrimp, ahi tuna, teriyaki sirloin, tenderloin, penang chicken and potstickers, a scrumptiously delightful selection.  Our server showed us how to cook each piece, taking care not to overcook each one in the fondue pot located on our table. 
Just when you think you don’t have any room left, be sure to save room for dessert, which features decadent mouthwatering chocolate fondue served with dipping items including fresh strawberries, cheesecake, marshmallows, pound cake and brownies. We selected the Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue, which consisted of milk chocolate, caramel and chopped pecans.  Other fondues included Amaretto Meltdown, Cookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate S’mores, Yin & Yang (half dark chocolate and half white chocolate) as well as the Bailey’s Irish Cream Dream.
The first Melting Pot restaurant opened in Maitland, Florida in 1975 with a menu that consisted of just three items: beef fondue, Swiss cheese fondue and milk chocolate fondue for dessert. Within six years, there were five more Melting Pot restaurants in Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and Gainesville.  
The idea of fondue actually originated in Switzerland as a clever and tasty way of using up hardened cheese. Fondue is derived from the French verb fondre and means “to melt.” While most people define fondue as a “thick cheese sauce in which bread chunks are dipped,” the Melting Pot takes it to a whole new level. We truly enjoyed our evening of  flavorful fondue cooking.
The Melting Pot Burlington/Bedford also features a full bar (complete with specialty drinks) and an extensive wine list of approximately 180 different wines.
The Melting Pot
213 Burlington Road
Bedford, MA 01730

Phone: (781) 791-0529

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Kellie K. Speed is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer. Her features have been published in various publications including The Boston Globe, Cahners’ Industrial Distribution and Graphic Arts Monthly magazines and Reno Air Approach.

Kellie has reviewed numerous first-class hotels and travel destinations, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Bermuda and Mexico, to name a few. She has also traveled internationally to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Next year, she is planning a trip to Tahiti.

Since she is from Massachusetts, she will be providing reviews of local restaurants for Travel-Watch.

If you would like to email Kellie any suggestions or comments, please do so at

1050 Connecticut Avenue

Washington, DC 20036


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