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  Mosquito Magnet

By: Kellie K. Speed

Mosquito Magnet Just a few years ago, American Biophysics Corporation developed the breakthrough Mosquito Magnet, a uniquely engineered trap, which operates 24 hours a day in order to capture day biting as well as night-biting insects like mosquitoes, black flies and sand flies.  With the increased cases of the West Nile Virus, lyme disease and other viruses, it was only a matter of time before the Mosquito Magnet would be introduced.

The company's patented Counterflow Technology allows the Mosquito Magnet to emit a flow of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, simulating a human's breath, to attract biting insects.  Once the insects are attracted to the unit, they are vacuumed into a net where they dehydrate and die.  The unit operates off a 20 pound propane tank that does not require batteries but has a 50 foot electrical cord that is plugged into a standard electrical outlet.  The electricity is converted into a low voltage that is safe for children and pets. 

"Our team of engineers and scientists were able to develop a trap that makes our innovative technology affordable to everyone, from first-time homeowners to retirees," said Ray Iannetta, president and chief executive officer of American Biophysics.  "Since we introduced the first Mosquito Magnet in 1999, homeowners have inundated American Biophysics with requests for a less expensive, yet highly effective model.  Our goal was to be sure we could meet their requests without compromising our signature trap's tried and true efficacy."

Because no pesticides are used, the Mosquito Magnet is environmentally friendly and controls up to one acre of property.  Non-biting insects like ladybugs are not attracted to the unit.  When American Biophysics Corporation studied the effects of the Mosquito Magnet, they concluded it collected nine different species of insects

"The Mosquito Magnet caught an average of four times as many mosquitoes as the other traps in the tests, including the surveillance trap most often used by the government for disease studies," Iannetta said.  "Besides the Mosquito Magnet, the traps tested included ones baited with either light or carbon dioxide and the so-called Shannon trap, a trap that is baited with humans.  The tests were conducted in areas that hadn't been sprayed and are known o have large populations of mosquitoes."

After just six to eight weeks, when the unit is placed where insects breed near foliage or water, you will notice a rapid decrease in the amount of mosquitoes around the home.  A female mosquito produces nearly 300 offspring in its four-week lifespan.  For example, if 1,000 females are trapped, 300,000 potential offspring will be eliminated. 

When testing was being done in the Florida Everglades, the Mosquito Magnet trapped more than 100,000 mosquitoes per night. 

For more information on the Mosquito Magnet, which retails for $495, contact them directly at 401-884-3500 or visit their website at  Units can be purchased from Home Depot, Ace Hardware and several other dealers listed on the website.

Mosquito Magnet
2240 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Phone: 401-884-3500

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Kellie K. Speed is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer. Her features have been published in various publications including The Boston Globe, Cahnersí Industrial Distribution and Graphic Arts Monthly magazines and Reno Air Approach.

Kellie has reviewed numerous first-class hotels and travel destinations, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Bermuda and Mexico, to name a few. She has also traveled internationally to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Next year, she is planning a trip to Tahiti.

Since she is from Massachusetts, she will be providing reviews of local restaurants for Travel-Watch.

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