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New York Yankees Baseball Quiz, Part 3

Some of you have written wondering why so long between quizzes. No more wondering. Here is the next installment for those who can't get enough.

If you think  you know your baseball and if you think you know your Yankee baseball - this is the quiz for you. Others, too, may find it interesting.  Readers are encouraged to submit their own questions which may (or may not) be included in subsequent quizzes. Here we go - answers are below questions - but no peeking.  Good luck.

1- . Name the National Football League coaching legend who played briefly for the Yankees.

A. Tom Landry  B. George Halas  C. Jim Thorpe  D. Curly Lambeau

2. .  Whose number was retired by both the Mets and Yankees?

3 .  What Yankee pitcher has the most World Series victories?

A. David Cone  B. Allie Reynolds  C. Whitey Ford  D. Lefty Gomez
4 . What uniform number was retired by the Yankees to honor a player who never was on the team?

A. Jackie Robinson  B. Bob Feller  C. Dom DiMaggio D. Pee Wee Reese

5.  First-baseman Wally Pipp has gone down in history for being the player Lou Gehrig replaced. What other distinction belongs to Pipp? 

A. was a baseball manager  B.  came from the same neighborhood Gehrig grew up in.  C. was a home-run champ  D. made money endorsing aspirin

6.  Who had the second longest hitting streak in American League history?

7.  Who remains the only Yankee to hit four home runs in one game?

A. Lou Gehrig  B. Reggie Jackson  C. Babe Ruth   D.Yogi Berra

8. . What former Yankee was the first pitching coach for the New York Mets in 1962?

A. Joe Page   B. Red Ruffing   C. Vic Raschi   D. Johnny Sain

9.  Who backed up Willie Randolph at second base for the 1976 New York Yankees?

10.   In defeating the Oakland A's in the 2001 American League Division playoffs, what did the Yankees accomplish that no team ever had done before in a three-of-five game series?

A. limited their opponents to a total of 2 runs  B. had a perfect fielding percentage C. won three straight after losing two games at home D. hit at least one home run in every game

11.  What Yankee MVP appeared in the fewest games in the year in which he won the award?

12. .  Reggie Jackson was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a member of what team?

A. A's   B. Orioles  C. Yankees    D. Angels

13.   Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in Game Six of the 1977 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers -- each off a different pitcher.  What pitcher gave up Jackson's third home run?

A. Burt Hooton   B. Charlie Hough   C. Elias Sosa   D. Don Sutton

14.   Trick question: Which of the following was not a Babe Ruth nick-name?

A. "Bambino"  B. "Wali of Wallop" C. "Rajah of Rap"  D. "Caliph of Clout"

15. . When Babe Ruth retired in 1935 with 714 home runs, only two other players had hit 300 home runs. Who were they? Hint: One played for the Yankees, the other mostly for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Answers to the above questions:

1.   (B) George "Papa Bear" Halas played six games for the 1919 Yankees.

2.  # 37, worn by Casey Stengel. 

3.   (C) Whitey Ford, 10. He started 22 World Series games

4.   (A) Jackie Robinson, #42,  the number was retired on
on April 15, 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the breaking of baseball's color line. Mariano Rivera is the last Yankee to wear the number.

5.  (C) Pipp was the AL home run champion 1916-17. (check yrs)

6.  (George Sisler) Before Joe DiMaggio set the record in 1941, St. Louis Browns' first baseman George Sisler held the American League record by hitting in 41 consecutive games in 1922.

7.   (A) Lou Gehrig

8.  (B) Red Ruffing

9.   Sandy Alomar  Willie Randolph played 124 games at second base. His backup was Sandy Alomar, who played in 38 games.

10.  (C) They won three straight after losing two games at home

11.  Pitcher Spud Chandler appeared in 30 games when he won the American League award in 1943.   

12.  (C) Yankees

13.  (B) Charlie Hough

14.  Sorry about that. We said it is a trick question - all of the choices were nick-names for the Babe.

15.  Lou Gehrig, 378; Rogers Hornsby, 300.


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