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The Palm Restaurant - Las Vegas

Bet you didn't know that The Palm Restaurant is the oldest family-owned white tablecloth restaurant to expand across the United States.  Offering everything from Italian fare to steak and seafood, the restaurant   today includes nearly 30 locations in most major cities.
In 1926, Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi, immigrants from Italy opened their first restaurant in Manhattan that later evolved into a speakeasy.  This restaurant was called the "Parma" after the city in Italy where they were from and later became known as The Palm in formal documents.  The restaurant was known for attracting artists and writers, focusing their   menu on beef, becoming a premier steakhouse.     

When their grandsons (Wally Ganzi and Bruce Bozzi) took over, they also expanded the menu to later include seafood entrees.  Today, the restaurant still attracts the same artists and writers but also has a large celebrity following.  Just take a look inside of all the caricatures that line the walls with each person who has dined in a Palm       location nationwide.
"When a newspaperman would ask for a steak, my grandfather would run up Second Avenue to a butcher shop, buy a steak and cook it to order," Wally Ganzi explained.  So, that's where the steakhouse started.

We visited The Palm in Las Vegas, located inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's.  We were surprised how much smaller this location seemed compared to its sister restaurants.  One thing that is consistent with this restaurant is the quality of food and excellent service (despite the fact that we Red Sox lovers had a Yankees loving server!)

We started our evening with a sampling of the jumbo shrimp cocktail, a deliciously fresh appetizer, served with their infamous "atomic" horseradish.  Be sure to heed your server's advice when he or she tells you how hot this is!       

The sliced tomato and onion salad arrived topped with crumbled bleu cheese and a deliciously flavorful vinaigrette dressing.     

One of the most important things to note about The Palm is the size of the portions, which are gargantuan.  Be sure to share sides of vegetables and potatoes.  We ordered a side of mushrooms, sweet large caps served in a garlicky butter sauce, the perfect complement to our steaks.

Of course, when you come to The Palm, you must sample their signature steaks.  My husband ordered the prime aged porterhouse steak, a 28 ounce cut, which he was somehow able to finish.  The 10 once filet mignon was so tender and juicy it could have been cut with a fork.
There were so many traditional entrees to choose from, including a prime aged New York strip and prime rib of beef but the restaurant also offers some unique dishes such as steak a la stone, a 36 ounce New York strip served for two and three double lamb chops.

It's easy to see why The Palm has become such a successful restaurant for power lunches and special occasion dinners.  Be sure to visit one soon (I am sure there is one in your city).  Fore more       information about The Palm, visit their website at or call 702-732-7256.

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Kellie K. Speed is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer. Her features have been published in various publications including The Boston Globe, Cahnersí Industrial Distribution and Graphic Arts Monthly magazines and Reno Air Approach.

Kellie has reviewed numerous first-class hotels and travel destinations, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Bermuda and Mexico, to name a few. She has also traveled internationally to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Next year, she is planning a trip to Tahiti.

Since she is from Massachusetts, she will be providing reviews of local restaurants for Travel-Watch.

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