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Steve Yanoff's Incredible Pizzapalooza

By: Kellie K. Speed

Steve Yanoff's Incredible Pizzapalooza In May, Steve Yanoff took his experience from working as amanager at Bertucci’s and the Naked Fish and opened his latest venture, Pizzapalooza. The first of its kind,this unique pizza house offers a different alternative to traditional roundpies with sauce and cheese.

The “palooza style” pizzas are not made with tomato sauce orcheese but the Sicilian style resembles a traditional pie.

Pizzapalooza is, for the most part, a take-out restaurantbut there is limited indoor seating.

With 21 items on the palooza style menu to choose from, wehad a difficult time trying to choose one. We selected the pizza pollo pomodoro ($14.95), a fresh rectangular crusttopped with mounds of grilled chicken, roasted peppers, tomatoes, mozzarellaand sliced basil. Loaded with thesefresh toppings, the palooza style pizza was a hit. Everyone enjoyed theunique style without any sauces. Thishealthier alternative to traditional pizza will surely be a success.

From the Napoletana “1760” ($9.95) made with roastedtomatoes, garlic, oregano and evoo, and the Quattro formaggi ($13.95), toppedwith mozzarella, shredded parmigiano reggino, goat cheese and ricotta, to thegorgonzola and onion ($14.95) with caramelized onions, crumbled gorgonzola,sundried tomatoes, garlic and oregano, the palooza style pizzas an also be madewith additional toppings, including portabella mushrooms, basil, Italiansausages and even sliced potato.

We also sampled a few of the traditional Sicilian stylepizzas. The pizza Americana ($9.95) wassimilar to a regular cheese pizza. Thepizza margherita Manhattan “1905” ($10.45) was a classic pie but the pizzapollo e spinaci ($15.95) was the best choice. This pizza had fresh tomatoes, grilled chicken, spinach, shreddedmozzarella and grated pecorino romano. Each slice is enormous and very filling. These pizzas are perfect for dinner and make excellent leftoversfor lunch the next day.

If pizza is not what you are looking for, try one of thepanini palooza sandwiches. There aresix sandwiches to choose from, including one which we were tempted to try – thepanini polo ($6.95) balsamic glazed chicken sandwich.

The salads here are made fresh and large enough to feed fourpeople. We tried the antipasto palooza($8.95) topped with proscuitto, salami, anchovies, artichokes and roastedpeppers.

Slices of the traditional pizzas are available for $3.50 or$3.99, which includes toppings.

For more information or to place an order, call 617-332-4401. (They deliver too!)

244 Needham Street
Newton, MA 

Phone: 617-332-4401
Fax: 617-332-6446
Web site:

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Kellie K. Speed is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer. Her features have been published in various publications including The Boston Globe, Cahners’ Industrial Distribution and Graphic Arts Monthly magazines and Reno Air Approach.

Kellie has reviewed numerous first-class hotels and travel destinations, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Bermuda and Mexico, to name a few. She has also traveled internationally to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Next year, she is planning a trip to Tahiti.

Since she is from Massachusetts, she will be providing reviews of local restaurants for Travel-Watch.

If you would like to email Kellie any suggestions or comments, please do so at


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