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The Price Is Not Right

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Who knows from rubies when The ShobzMaven grew up believing that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But how to tell this to Boaz Yakin who wrote and directed A PRICE ABOVE RUBIES emphasizing: “A woman who is always there to care for her husband is worth the highest price - a price far above rubies.”

Oy. What is this film about? Rubies? Inanimate spouses? A lusty, unfeeling (maybe both the same?) brother-in-law? A passionate, unfulfilled wife? Maybe not so dead brother? Spooky bag lady? The Rebbe? You tell me.

Renee Zellweger (“Jerry Maguire”) may think that she is playing Sonia, a mixed-up Orthodox girl who marries Mendel (Glenn Fitzgerald), a dull and unemotional boychick, but she’s really portraying someone far removed from the spiritual center of pious Jewry whose interests are Torah, prayer, and devotion to family. Take it from the SnobzMaven who is acquainted with religious Jews, well women that is, since the men will not speak to the Maven who although is upbeat and attractive for her 80 years is still a woman, but it shouldn’t bother you from this description. It’s just that Sonia does not fit the profile of a typical Orthodox wife, one who wouldn’t dare utter a peep around her husband.

Blame it on her troubled past. She simply cannot shake the image of her brother committing suicide. Or did he? And poor Mendel. All he revels in is living three blocks from the Rebbe. This is what is considered in some circles a big time. Unfortunately, when they move into their monotonous apartment with all the interminable street noise, you know that Rudy Guiliani will not be there to help despite his pleas for a quieter, more civilized New York.

Put it another way. Here’s a woman burning with love, and her spouse’s only concern is why she’s not praying all the time. The arrival of a baby doesn’t help. Now she is saddled with the upbringing of a child, while her own needs are unquenchable, unchecked by a stuffy man who seems to “daven” (pray) with more feeling than when he makes love.

SnobzMavenettes can now see the writing on the parchment paper: 1) Sonia will repent and lead the Hora dancing at synagogue weddings; 2) Sonia will run off with the Rebbe; 3) Sonia will win the Lotto and say shalom to Boro Park. This could be a wrong day for guessing, because she actually flees to Mendel’s conniving, smarmy brother Sender (Christopher Eccleston), and begins a career in buying and selling precious jewels for him. Along the way they have an on-going affair which will discourage any married woman from ever having a rendez-vous with her brother-in-law.

“Do you love me more than you love God?” she asks her husband. Aghast from the query, Mendel nearly makes himself meshugge. His wife is another story. She wants more freedom since she has gotten a taste for independence. This cuts off communication with her husband, but introduces us to an eerie beggar lady and jumbled, disjointed vignettes of Sonia’s brother who may or may not be dead.

Already you can hear the oy veys coming from the Jewish community over this movie. To observers who don’t comprehend what goes on in the religious world, the text will seem strained and foreign. For those who live in that ambiance, the film will raise their blood pressure, that is, if they stay long enough to watch the leading lady have a fling with a Puerto Rican jewelry maker and then nosh on an eggroll. Gevalt! Things cannot get any worse unless you ponder what A PRICE ABOVE RUBIES is all about. Warning. You could come up with cubic zirconias.

With love and knishes from your Show Biz Maven.

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