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Heavenly Honeymoons:
Quebéc City Offers You Old-World Charm

Eve Carr

Eve Carr

From the delicate Alonson lace you select for your bridal gown, to the pastel gumpaste tea roses that will cascade from your wedding cake, you are doing everything you can to make your wedding a storybook event.

As you start your happily-ever-after life, you can also honeymoon in an old-world fairy-tale setting – without the expense of overseas travel. Plan to visit romantic Québec City, a gem tucked away in the vast province of Québec, Canada.

English Speakers Are Welcome Here

But what if you don’t speak French very well – or maybe not at all? Can you still go here on your honeymoon and have a great time?

Definitely! While Québec City is decidedly French, practically everyone speaks English – and many residents know other languages as well. But if you do try to speak French, you’ll enjoy the experience even more.

Here, high above the mighty St. Lawrence River, you’ll experience the Old-World magic of Québec City as you walk down its narrow, winding cobblestone streets, admire its ancient architecture, ride in an old-fashioned horse-drawn calèche, or enjoy the hearty taste of authentic Québecoise fare.

But although Québec is steeped in history, it’s also thoroughly in tune with the times. World-class restaurants, featuring a variety of ethnic cuisines, quaint shops and boutiques, some of them underground, (and an excellent exchange for U.S. dollars) offer you plenty of opportunity to soak up today’s trendy styles.

From the Grand Allée with its many sidewalk cafes to side streets such as the Rue du Trésor, where artists sell their renditions of the city, you’ll find a world of delightful charm here. Québec City has it all just waiting for you to come here and make it your special place.

Enjoy All of Québec’s Seasons

Honeymoon in Québec in the warmer months, and it will be festooned with flowers. Pick up treats from a nearby gourmet carry-out shop, and you can enjoy a

romantic picnic for two on the grassy historic Plains of Abraham. After your repast, you can stroll, hand-in-hand, along the broad Terrassee Dufferin to enjoy a dramatic view of the St. Lawrence River as you listen to the melodies of street musicians or watch the lively antics of sidewalk acrobats.

Visit this Snow Capital of the World during the cold months, and you’ll be able to join children of all ages as you enjoy a variety of winter sports from ice skating and sledding to snow rafting.

In any season, you’ll probably find some type of exciting festival going on, whether it’s a lively Renaissance event in the late summer, or February’s "Winter Carvaval," where days and nights of lively festivities will make you warm.

Year round, after a day of fun and frolic, you can treat yourself to lodgings in the magnificent Château Frontenac. With its turrets and towers, this 105-year-old castle looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. Yet, inside you’ll find modern amenities where you’ll be pampered like a princess.

If you weren’t already in love, you soon will be after experiencing Québec City. But, be warned, visiting this romantic city is definitely contagious. And, for couples that like the outdoors, within minutes of Québec City, there are pristine parks, lakes, streams, rivers and trails to allow you to participate in every sport imaginable.

Come to Québec City, and you’ll want to return, not for just your first anniversary, but over and over again to experience a lifetime of happy memories that you’ll build while visiting the whole Province of Québec. 

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Eve Carr has visited Québec more times than she can remember, but always finds something new to make her long to return. 

Freelance writers Eve and Millard Carr of Great Falls, Virginia, specialize in writing about unique honeymoon destinations. They can be reached by at: and


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