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Mourad Teyeb 

The Magic of Sea Water and Seaweed
for Health and Well-being
Mourad Teyeb 

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"It is revitalizing and truly de- stressing," said a businessman, after a one week session of Thalassotherapy, a lady was exhilarated after all her hydro messages and seaweed wraps, "it has changed me into a new person," said she. The secret effect of sea water and sea weeds has been known for centuries.

Hundreds of vacationers in Europe are opting to take a holiday on the ocean coast or sea coast to enjoy the benefits of sea water and a good hotel to rejuvenate their health. This European concept is little known across the Atlantic except in the name of a spa that is not nearly the equivalent to a real marine immersion. 

The minerals in the sea and its products have been established to have a wonderful healing effect on the body and mind. Hippocrates, famous Greek physician had mentioned about the
treatment and healing through sea water. 

Thalassotherapy is essentially a treatment in warm sea water of 34 degrees by plunging the body in the water and massaging with jet bubbles to open the pores of the skin and disintoxicate the body. Its revitalizing effect is one of the best for curative and preventive treatment. The doctor mentioned that you get to know your body best under these conditions to cure the ailments and also de-stress your mind. 

On the Mediterranean coast of Tunis in the region of Cap Bon, we visited a fabulous center for thalassotherapy in the luxurious hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa. Located on the white sandy beach, the establishment had all the perfect amenities of a sea water treatment. Its Roman corridors, its impeccably clean and modern baths, tisanerie, music and relaxation, over 50 individual hydrotherapy cabins, messages, sea water swimming pool, aerobic, musicotherapy, relaxation therapy and mineral oil messages were enough to take one to another world. 

Started by a famous Tunisian doctor, Dr. Raoudha Lakhouaja and his wife who is also a doctor, the center is known as the Vital Center International. Several doctors and well trained specialists 
operate the center to rehabilitate people suffering from back aches, arthritis, osteoporosis, nervous depression and other ailments. 

The therapy not only cures these numerous afflictions, but also rejuvenates the body and mind into a fit and healthy condition. 
The warm and breezy sea coast climate and thalassotherapy form a wonderful combination for relieving stress and fatigue and the effects of over work. 

A six day session consisted of a bio marine aquarobics course with a qualified instructor, two hydrotherapy treatments that includes, hydro massage baths, sea water wraps, fully body jet showers, massage under seawater sprinklers, underwater jet showers, concluded by a full personalized body massage with
essential oils. 

I experienced a tingling sensation as my pores of the skin opened and felt a sense of disintoxication. It was wonderful. The warm and cold sea water interchanging rhythmically with the message was a special toning. 

The Tunisian instructors are very gentle with their hands and have a kind and soothing approach to add to the hydrotherapy. The Mediterranean breeze and the water restores body and mind completely.  They assist in pacifying muscular and nervous tension and effectively contribute to ones balance and well being.  

The different treatments include: 

  • Revitalization treatment

  • Stress-relief treatment 

  • Leg relief treatment 

  • Bio facial treatment

  • Slimming treatment

  • Aquavitality treatment

  • Marine physiocare

    • l

    • dorsal

    • cervica

    • etc. 

The center also has a large indoor sea water swimming pool, several machines for cardiovascular work outs and aerobic exercise rooms. There is a separate beauty department for different kinds of facials, manicure, pedicure and other needs. 

Dr. Lakhouja's Vital Center was first set up in Djerba in an island in the Mediterranean sea on the coast of Tunis. Its success led him to open several new centers around the Mediterranean coast not only in Tunis but in other countries, like Egypt, Malta, Turkey and few other places totaling 13. 

He believes that health and well being are now closer to people in this stress era where many diseases are linked to fatigue and pressure and that sea water has the magic properties for revitalization. He does consider that a first class hotel with luxurious comforts and fine cuisine adds to this type of holiday, as well as enhance recovery. 

Hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa The prestigious resort hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa is a Moorish-style enclave -- paradise on the coast of Cap Bon in Hammamet Yasmin. 

An hour's drive from the Tunis international airport, the resort hotel is a large magnificent property of 60,000 sq. meters. Marble floors, fine wooden carvings, Berber carpets on the floors, good collection of paintings on the walls are some of the attractive features. 

Like a palace with 220 suites, the hotel is spread out with a spacious garden and a semi-Olympic size swimming pool amidst palm trees and beautiful jasmine, hibiscus, bougainvillaea and several other flowers that provide a rich fragrance around the fountains and cascades surrounding the interior. 

In the evenings the fountains sprout with the melody of music that sets out one's soul to another world. Lively fountains 
with lush green plants adorn even the breakfast room laden with traditional and exotic buffets. 

Hidden far from the crowded part of Hammamet, the hotel has the swaying palms with its architecture. It is rather unique with a delicate and intricately carved wooden interior and ceilings. Spacious lounges and different discreet salons are very well furnished. There is a sense of airiness. The seventy-five square meter suites are elegant and spacious, well decorated with a combination of tiles and wood. Every suite has a balcony that overlooks the garden and the sea. They are well equipped with
all the best fittings, minibars, television, telephone. The sumptuous colors contribute to the opulent ambience. 

The presidential suite of 1500 sq. meters has few rooms with a swimming pool, thalasso for the suite and separate entrance. It is often frequented by celebrities and royalties.  

Service is exceptionally good as the Tunisians by their character are friendly people with a welcoming smile.  The hotel has four main restaurants all very elegantly furnished with an outside patio dining for summer months. Italian, Tunisian, French light and International specialties are served in their separate restaurants. Don't miss the Tunisian wines! 

In addition a lively Piano bar, Moorish café, a huge conference hall, games room are all a part of the establishment. For Golf lovers, golf course nearby are available. It is an excellent incentive and conference place with all the necessary facilities.


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Mourad Teyeb Mourad Teyeb holds degrees in English and Literature, Educational Psychology, and Computer Science.  Fluent in English, French, Arabic, German, and Italian. Mourad's, Mourad trained with the African Center for the Training and with Recycling of  Journalists, Tunisian Papers and Magazines.  In additional to journalism, Mourad has also had travel agent tour operating training. (More about Mourad Teyeb.)

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