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Singaporean Cuisine

By: Emma Lewis

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Shrooms is an upmarket, well-packaged, compact version of Singaporean cuisine and there’s something here for everyone.  The menu has a whole variety of Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, Malay and Fusion influences reflecting Singapore’s diverse population. Chopsticks as well as knifes and forks are set at the table here.  As befits a restaurant for all tastes, there are a number of drinks available.  A limited wine list also includes a wine of the month section adding variety.  A cocktail menu is also on offer providing the standard fare – Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea etc.

There is a good selection of starters ranging from Caesar Salad, Lobster and Crab Cakes, Prawn and Mango rolls to Little India Seafood Kebab.  Soups including mushroom and wanton are also available. The Caesar salad was excellent – crispy lettuce interspersed with bacon, croutons and shavings of parmesan.  A nice twist was provided with the addition of a poached egg which integrated divinely with the dressing.  Little India Seafood Kebab looked rather like an Asian kofte and had the texture of fish cake.  This was tasty, if a bit hot for my palate, and was accompanied by two sauces, spinach and yoghurt and a slightly tired naan bread.  The starters came with complimentary French bread – delicious, hot and crusty.

There is plenty of variety in the main menu.  A selection of pizza’s are prepared in a wood fired oven.  Also included are Stir Fry Beef Tips, Tandoori Lamb Cutlets, Seabass Baked in Banana Leaf and Wok Seared Udon Noodles amongst others.  Lobster Fried Rice with Sambal was excellent.  A quarter lobster still within its shell lay on the side of the plate and chunks of lobster meat were fried into the rice.  The rice was light and flavorsome and did not overpower the lobster meat which was beautifully succulent.  The sambal was rich, yet succeeded in enhancing the other flavors rather than overpowering them.  Steak Sandwich was cooked to order and accompanied by French Fries and Green Salad.  A juicy and satisfying steak, Shrooms has the sense not to play around with classics.

Dessert provides another selection of the exotic and the commonplace. New York Cheesecake and Apple Crumble are on the menu next to Green Tea Tiramisu and Coconut and Lemongrass Panna Cotta.  The exotic fruit platter contained a wide selection of melon, pineapple, papaya and the more adventurous dragon fruit and mangosteen.  The coconut and lemongrass panna cotta was slightly more hit and miss. It came accompanied by a pistachio covered biscuit, rasberry coulis and selection of berries.  The panna cotta itself was gusty and innovative the creamy coconut complimented by the sharp lemon after taste.  However there were too many flavors at contrasting flavors at work.

One can eat inside or out.  Inside is a large room with bar decorated in brown and cream with a light atmosphere, and good, low lighting. Downstairs is a terrace leading on one side to look over the shopping arcade.  Or the other side a more preferable view looks out over Chjmes courtyard.  A former convent this provides a pretty backdrop to the various restaurants located here.  Small lights are wound into the branches of trees, light shines through the stain glass windows of the church and the white, shutter-windowed courtyard makes it feel like a haven from the bustling city, which surrounds it.  

Chijmes, Victoria Street

Phone: 65-336-2268

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Email: Emma Lewis

After completing a degree in Anthropology at the University 
of Edinburgh and traveling extensively across Africa, Asia and the Middle East Emma Lewis settled down working for a publishing house in London. The travel bug loomed again and she set off with her boyfriend in tow to live in Singapore, and explore the surrounding region. Emma's great hobby is food, she equally enjoys cooking and having food cooked for her in restaurants and she has taken a number of cooking courses to help her on my way. (More about this writer).


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