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Taylor Made

By: Kellie K. Speed, Travel Writer

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Everyone who plays golf knows Taylor Made is one of the leading manufacturers of golf equipment since its first introduction to the marketplace 20 years ago.

Today, the company produces high-performance drivers and fairway woods along with innovative lines, including the most recent Firesole clubs.

Taylor Made has supported the PGA, LPGA, Senior and European tours. Located in Carlsbad, California, Taylor Made's headquarters offer a golf manufacturing plant with on-site testing range.

Earlier this year, Taylor Made announced its alliance with CBS Corporation.

"We were the first brand to significantly change the game of golf through technology," said Mike Whan, vice president of sales and marketing. "We're stepping up the pace this year with even move innovative marketing."

This unique partnership provides marketing strategies for the Taylor Made World Wide Web Open, featuring the new InerGel golf balls.

One of the more popular putters Taylor Made manufactures is the Nubbins Putter, just introduced this year. Its name reflects the protruding nubs on the face of the club. A sample putt provides a lighter feel with reduced skid, particularly useful on a wet green.

Last year, 1998 Player of the Year Mark O'Meara used his Nubbins to win the Skins Game.

"I've been waiting a long time to find a putter where I can actually feel the ball stay on the face practically all the way to the hole," O'Meara said. "The Nubbins provides great feel and instant feedback. That's a priceless advantage."

The majority of all Taylor Made products are manufactured at the company's state-of-the-art golf manufacturing plant in California.

Taylor Made President and Chief Executive Officer George Montgomery ensures his company focuses on product innovation and customer service as their primary service responsibilities.

Just last year, Taylor Made introduced a phenomenal discovery - drivers, putters and irons for children ages five through 13. 

"These new Taylor Made clubs are a tremendous asset to kids," O'Meara said. "They are not like the cut-down versions parents are willing to pull out of garages. These clubs are specially made for children to have fun."

Burner Bubble for Kids offer special lightweight shafts, which are flexible for children and easier to handle.

For a nominal fee, as the children gets older, they may trade their clubs in for an upgraded version. Taylor Made has just created a website for their younger audience:

A full set of Taylor Made clubs for a child is approximately $250.

Taylor Made's mission, since 1979, has been the pursuit of better golf. Clearly, this high-performance company has succeeded in its drive for excellence in design, manufacturing and customer service by providing first-rate golf clubs.

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Kellie K. Speed is a freelance travel writer and restaurant reviewer. Her features have been published in various publications including The Boston Globe, Cahners’ Industrial Distribution and Graphic Arts Monthly magazines and Reno Air Approach.

Kellie has reviewed numerous first-class hotels and travel destinations, including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Bermuda and Mexico, to name a few. She has also traveled internationally to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Next year, she is planning a trip to Tahiti.

Since she is from Massachusetts, she will be providing reviews of local restaurants for Travel-Watch.

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