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Phil Philcox

For fifteen years between 1959 and 1990, I wrote a series of travel articles for a variety of low-paying magazines that used travel articles (motorhome, general interest, senior, motorcycle, etc.) I rarely write travel articles anymore, so I'm passing this tip on to anyone who has the initiative to act on it. It's a good opening for beginning writers interested in entering the travel field.

The Smart Traveler series covered one state per article, starting out with the into and the first state (Alabama).

Once a magazine used the first submission, they were somewhat committed to running the rest of the states. Touring Bike magazine paid me $125 fifty times which added up to a lot of money. Another magazine paid me $45 a column fifty times. With no overlap in readership (seniors rarely read motorcycle magazines), I made a lot of money on this project. If you're interested in trying it, go ahead. You can use the idea free of charge, just use your own words. You can send a proposal to a variety of magazines and see what happens. There are thousands of magazines on the

E-Mail Publisher 2000 disk both here and overseas that might be interested in something like this. For more information on the disk, click here.

With each article, I sent along one or two black/white photos showing some place in that state. Photos are readily available from state tourist offices. Just ask. All of the information from the sample below came from publications and literature that state tourist offices supply upon request, so contact them. 

There are no big-paying magazines interested in something like this so I stayed away from them. There are hundreds of low-paying magazines listed in Writer's Market and other directories and on the E-Mail Publisher disk that are starving for articles like this. Another source of sales in newspapers, not only here in the U.S. but in foreign countries reaching people who might be planning a trip to U.S. So, you can send something like this to hundreds of magazines and newspapers and maybe wind up with multiple sales. Those $50 here and $100 there can really add up If you think this project can work for you and you'd be interested in writing something like this, go ahead. I just ask that you use your own words. This sample was written a few years ago, so the sources might be obsolete.

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Phil Philcox has been a freelance writer for more than 30 years.  He likes to share his time tested tips and techniques with other writers . (More about the writer.)


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