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Chakra Balancing on Nantucket Island

By Jamieson Haverkampf 

Chakra Balancing on Nantucket Island

Balancing what? My chakras? Whatıs that? Seven chakras -- "invisible energy centers" - make up your body according to Sonia Choquette, PhD, author of True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit. "Here in the West, we think of ourselves as solid bodies, but Eastern thinking correctly perceives us being more ethereal. When Hindus visualize a human being, they visualize our seven separate but interconnected centers of energy, each
maintaining a certain center of human well-being," suggests Dr. Choquette.

So, if you feel whacked out and think your chakras need tuning up, pack your bags and head to your favorite vacation spot.

My favorite abandon-all-emails-and-flee secret hideaway is nestled quietly away off the coast of Long Island, New York. Nantucket, a small Massachusetts island filled daily with scenes from Norman Rockwell paintings, hosts an old time cobblestone-strewn Main Street filled with seafood restaurants, antique stores, clothing boutiques and local artist galleries. Grey-shingled summer homes with tucked away Garden-of-Eden backyards and trellis-welcoming bed and breakfasts house nurtures natives and visitors alike. A virtual playground of relaxation and contentment. One visit and I guarantee you will want to cash out your stock options and succumb to the simple life here. If these intoxicating sea-salt surroundings arenıt enough to remove your blockage, try these custom-Nantucket suggestions based on Dr. Choquetteıs seven chakras.

First Chakra: Stand on Sturdy Ground 

Massage and aromatherapy ground you. They bring you away from worldly thoughts and needs and back in tune with your true self. These treatments establish new strength and balance to recenter you and your life. Relinquish lifeıs ground-breaking stresses at one of Nantucketıs best spas: Tresses & the Day Spa (http://www.nantucketspa.com or 800-540-0524). Surrender your city life headaches to a luxurious and scintillating  aromatherapy massage ($85).

If your personal foundation is really shaky, go for the day-long Indulging Interlude ($349). Escape completely with this day-long frivolous-yet-needed treatment that includes facial, massage, steam bath, lunch, manicure/pedicure, body wrap and makeup. 

Second: Rejuvenate Your Joy and Passion for Life

Grab some fresh juice and a delectable and slightly-sinful treat from the Nantucket Bake Shop at 79 Orange Street (http://www.nantucketbakeshop.com or 800-440-BAKE- open 6:30am -5pm) and cruise on over to a sturdy bench on Main Street. Take a moment to turn off your brain and take in whatıs going on around you - children giggling, cobblestones bouncing cars all around Main street, college students going to their dinner wait shift and the
community feeling of a small town existence. Be open to whatever comes into your mind and just relax and enjoy taking in the vitality and energy of life here. If that doesnıt get your engine chugging, take a walk around town and pop into the numerous art galleries, go dancing at Rose and Crown (23 South Water Street), take in a play at Actors Theater of Nantucket (508-228-6325) or sign up for an art class at The Artist Association on Nantucket
(508-325-5251 / http://www.nantucketarts.org). Seeing other peopleıs life energy fills us all with hope and inspiration.

Third Chakra: Get Your Inner Power Back

Rebuild you own source of power. Remember what wakes you up and make you feel alive. Protect those things that generate strong personal power in your life. Without them you feel drained and tapped out. Set Boundaries. Take time for yourself, determine vacation priorities and stick to it. Donıt let family, spouse or friends intrude on your own personal time. Itıs ok to say no. Take yourself on your own adventure everyday away from your tripmates. Grab a book at Nantucket Bookworks (25 Broad Street / 508-228-4000) by your
favorite author or any book that will empower you and your spirit. You'll be flexing new brawn in no time!

Fourth: Open Up Your Heart

Take a long bike ride out to cozy Siasconset. Appreciate the ability to spend some time in nature. Surprise someone in front of you in line at Sconset Cafe (Post Office Square) by paying for their lunch. Grab your mid-day vittles and eat around the corner from the Cafe on the beach. Hug a friend, spouse or child for pure pleasure. Pick up a few postcards at the
grocery store and send them to friends or relatives just to say hi. Smile at everyone you pass by -- even strangers. You might brighten someone's difficult day. Buy fresh roses for your room. Send an anonymous donation check (any amount large or small will work!) to Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Nantucket (PMB 66, 2 Greglen Avenue, Nantucket, MA 02254). Give even a little of yourself in whatever way you can and you will receive it back ten fold.

Fifth Chakra: Express Yourself

Get out your wide brimmed hat, cooler packed with snacks and drinks and head out to rejuvenating Jetties Beach - an easy walk from town. Bring your favorite journal and a "fun to write with" pen. Rent a lounge chair or spread out a big beach-size towel, slide on your sunglasses and relax into yourself. Give yourself this time. Itıs ok. You deserve this time alone to think and open up your mind. Let your pen wander and just write about whatever comes to mind. Write. Donıt think too much.

You must physically write to get yourself going. You might surprise yourself in what surfaces to the page but no matter. Let it go. Suppressed feelings from the outside world stir up within us but here on the page there is security in complete surrender. You might find a part of yourself trying to come out that you had forgotten. Let it out. With feet sinking into therapeutic sands, your mindıs stresses will ease with the unleashing of a new expression of your true self. Enjoy it.

Sixth Chakra: Let Your Inner Child Sing

Collect things that catch your eye and soothe you or evoke thought - seashells, art gallery postcards, greeting cards, newspaper clippings or dried flowers - whatever makes your heart sing and interests you. Try any of the stores on Main Street or Petticoat Row. Keep all these things together. At the end of your trip when you return home (or before if you have time), create a collage for a cover of your new dream/crazy idea diary. Keep this beside your bed. When you have a strange dream in the morning or the middle of the night write it down. If you have bizarre or funny thoughts during the day, scribble them on a napkin and then add it later. Have fun with it. Itıs your small place in the world to dream, imagine and let your intuitive and subconscious surface. Let yourself speak from your strong inner wisdom. Let go.

Seventh Chakra: Connection to A Higher Power

Now that youıve attempted to balance all your various parts, itıs time to surrender yourself to the universe and or a Higher Power. Inspiring as well as bringing you a stronger sense of community, going to church will fill your spirit with new hope. Tourists and natives alike leave their current lives at the door to become one with each other and take in the calming
effects of renewed faith. Each of the following Nantucket churches are an easy walk from town: Nantucket United Methodist Church (2 Center Street; services Sundays at 10am), St. Maryıs Our Lady of the Isle (6 Orange Street; mass 7:30am M-F, Sat 5pm, Sun 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am ) and First Congregational Church (62 Center Street; services Sunday at 8am,9am and 10:15am.) No matter what you believe, the presence of community and grandness within any church will humble you and evoke curiosity in lifeıs mystery.

Whether you believe in chakras or not, taking the time to nurture and balance your male and female energies and innate human desires brings you calmness in your daily life. Energies that are focused, balanced and nurtured will create internal peace. Vacations are not only luxuries of our insane working lifestyle but necessities for living a balanced life. 

Extra Tidbits:

Best time to hit the beach: late June- early October or a cozy Christmas Stroll in December. Make sure to bring a sweater in case of a nighttime chill! Make your reservations early. Summer is peak season and rooms fill up months and sometimes even a year in advance for the most popular places. All all information on Nantucket including airlines, ferry schedules and bike rentals and more go to http://www.nantucket.net 

For more Chakra balancing, read True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit ($18) by Sonia Choquette, PH.D.

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You can reach Jamieson Haverkampf  at:

Email: jamieson@mindspring.com 


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