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Saladmaster Cookware for “Your New Home”

by Nick Anis

When moving into a new home amongst the plethora of products and services you’ll need for inside and outside the home, is cookware.  In fact, cookware is a critical item you’ll need, even if you have been settled in your home for ages.  This year's Your New Home series features a larger higher-end home with many amenities, and with such a magnificent kitchen; we set out on a quest for the overall best cookware out there to include in this year’s product and service roundup.

There are an enormous number of brands and types of cookware to choose from, ranging from cast iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, and glass – available branding includes generics, big name labels, and celebrity endorsed collections typically bearing the celeb’s name.  All of these offerings, and the materials they are made of, have some benefits, and they also have a share of tradeoffs – especially nonstick cookware.   While the prices vary greatly, the more costly versions of conventional cookware can be expected to last for 1 or 2 years, or if you take exceptional care of them, 3 or 4 years at the outside.  Regardless of the price you pay, cookware that offers and truly stands behind a “Lifetime Warranty” (especially for the pans you use most) is an extreme rarity in a typical kitchen.

Enter Saladmaster® – a somewhat deceptive name for a cookware company, founded by Harry Lemmons, began operations in 1946, introducing its flagship product, the world-renown “Saladmaster®” machine.  The Saladmaster Machine has five different cutting cones that lock into place making it possible to process vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and other foods, in a myriad of ways, faster and easier than other kitchen gadgets and cutlery.

The Saladmaster Machine that started it all ...

Saladmaster quickly evolved into a full scale cookware company offering a unique type of waterless–cookware, and in February 2008, the company introduced 316Ti titanium stainless steel.  Saladmaster, which is a division of Regal Ware Worldwide®, is manufactured in America, using the highest performance and highest quality American and Swiss steel available.

In case you skipped chemistry class, ti·ta·ni·um; n. Symbol Ti; A strong, low-density, highly corrosion-resistant, lustrous white metallic element that occurs widely in igneous rocks and is used to alloy aircraft metals for low weight, strength, and high-temperature stability. Atomic number 22; atomic weight 47.87 melting point 1,660°C; boiling point 3,287°C; specific gravity 4.54; valence 2, 3, 4.

The 316Ti technology used in the Saladmaster Healthy Cooking System combines 316-stainless steel with titanium on the interior surface of the pans and where the food touches.  Both of these metals are recognized and respected in the medical field for their purity, high performance, and durability.  Saladmaster provides the maximum resistance to chemical reactions with salts, acids, and alkalis in the food being prepared with the result being improved food quality and flavor.     (More about this later.)

Saladmaster's Founder, Harry Lemmons
Saladmaster's Founder, Harry Lemmons

Saladmaster Stacked Cookware
Saladmaster Stacked Cookware

The Saladmaster Healthy Cooking System is designed for stack cooking, so you can actually stack the pans two or three high, which allows you to cook an entrée, bake a cake and vegetables all on one burner while saving energy; or you can cook multiple items in separate quadrants of a single pan also while saving energy; or you can use each piece on separate burners which is the way I like to cook.  Plus, Saladmaster cookware can miraculously become serving-ware for the table and storage-wear for the refrigerator.  This is accomplished by Saladmaster’s high quality detachable long and short Versa Loc handle system.  I really like how the stainless steel lids invert and stack neatly within each pan; and the pans are designed to fit inside one another – which really helps organizing any kitchen, or overcoming the challenges of smaller kitchens.  You can remove the handles to put the cookware in the oven or broiler, or you can remove handles or switch to shorter ones to make handling the cookware easier, while you are working your culinary magic on the burners.  Another plus is that Saladmaster's handles don't get hot, melt, chip, etc. as sometimes happens with other cookware.

Saladmaster’s superior construction is designed to preserve the maximum of natural vitamins and minerals during the cooking process by cooking on low temperature settings and with “low moisture”, which is efficiently monitored by the audible Vapo Valve™. 

If you wish, Saladmaster pans
can stack very high

Saladmaster 11-inch cooking 4 items in one pan

The Vapo Valve integrated into lids of the Saladmaster cookware, “click” when the temperature reaches approximately 187° Fahrenheit – in most cases this is your cue to reduce the temperature setting to “low” to eliminate overheating/overcooking your food.   Saladmaster pans are so efficient; they use less energy, and even less time is needed for cooking.  And the beauty of the Saladmaster Health System is that it works on all types of stoves, including induction.

For those who are just learning to cook, to cooking enthusiasts, to the discerning home chef, Saladmaster offers four complete cooking systems sure to meet your needs.  Choosing a Saladmaster complete cooking system offers the greatest overall value; I choose the “Chef Set” for the New Home, and the “Essential Set” for my house.  Of course, you can always browse for individual products within the product category section if you prefer.  Either way, you should be able to find exactly what you nee or want from the Saladmaster oil core stainless, programmable electric skillet and electric roaster (can be used as a slow-cooker, rice-cooker. etc.), skillets, roasters, sauce pans, woks, bake ware, mixing bowls, double-walled serving bowls, cutlery and kitchen tools, griddles, racks and inserts, whistling tea kettle, and of course the Saladmaster Machine. 


The Saladmaster Electric Oil Core Skillet and Electric Roaster can be totally immersed in water.  How many electric products do you know of that can be immersed in water and carries a Lifetime Warranty?

Saladmaster's Vapo Valve™ - click to enlarge
Saladmaster's Vapo Valve™

Saladmaster also introduces special edition items periodically; and dealers gift some items, depending upon the cookware items you purchase.  For more information you can visit and check out their recipe website at

Saladmaster Essential Set - Vegetables Not Included - click to enlarge
Saladmaster Essential Set - Vegetables Not Included

Saladmaster teaches people how to prepare healthy and delicious meals for their family using the right equipment and optimum cooking techniques.  I have to admit, that when I heard this mantra, I was skeptical to say the least.  But after spending a day in one of Saladmaster’s test kitchens, cooking and actually testing these claims for myself, I would say that Saladmaster does offer a much healthier way to prepare your food, because you can cook without or with less oil or water and on lower temperature settings.   Why does this matter?  Well, because water and oil and higher temperatures cook away much of the vitamins and minerals, and food’s natural flavors.  Ironically, you have to use more salt, oil, sugars, etc. to replace the natural flavors your conventional cookware and cooking methods are cooking away.

When cooking with Saladmaster, you can still use traditional cooking methods.  But the Saladmaster Health System provides an alternative method for cooking, while protecting the foods natural vitamins and minerals.  Cooking with Saladmaster cookware also ensures that the food being served to your family contains no metal by-products from chemical reactions with metals in the cooking process, such as non-stick, steel, rusty “organic” iron, aluminum, etc, which no one wants – even a “faint trace/taste of” of these substances in their food, right?

There is definitely a difference here from flimsy knock-off cookware sets made overseas; Saladmaster is designed to last a lifetime, and because of its quality in materials and craftsmanship, every Saladmaster cookware set is backed by the company’s “Lifetime Warranty”.  Saladmaster cookware is sturdy, well-balanced, the sizes and shapes are well thought out, the pans and lids stack well, and the cooking surface is amazingly durable.  Because Saladmaster is made from premium material, 316Ti titanium stainless steel, there is no need for it to be overly thick and heavy like lower-end cookware trying to pass off as top-of-the-line.  Cheaper pans may dent, burn, warp, and develop hot spots, making cooking a tedious chore, rather than fun it should be –  this is not the case with Saladmaster.

Saladmaster cookware also comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes to tailor fit your cooking needs.  The deep dish skillets not only give you plenty of room to cook just about anything, they also prevent messy spillovers from using undersized cookware.  In the past, the conventional wisdom has been to use the smallest pan that will do the job to save energy and time.  Saladmaster pans or so energy efficient, that they reach the optimum temperature quickly, so you always save energy and time when you use them. 

While many cookware companies have come and gone, or continue to offer the same old products, for more than 65-years, Saladmaster has steadily introduced new products, and invested in research and development, developing and using the latest technology to deliver the next generation of cookware.  Besides various advertising, Saladmaster’s marketing strategy relies heavily on “word of mouth,” dealer demonstrations, a loyal following that spans generations.  Considering how popular this cookware has become, I wouldn't be surprised if the name Saladmaster comes up in last will and testaments and divorce settlement negotiations.  Saladmaster cookware is an excellent healthy and energy efficient option for lifetime cookware, that will allow you to cook with no or less water and oil, and with less energy, which is why we choose it to be Your New Home featured cookware for 2013. 



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Nick Anis is a  prolific best-selling food, wine, travel, and technology writer with 36 books, and thousands of articles in print.  His books and articles are published by McGraw-Hill, Random House, Bantam, Ziff-Davis, Prentice Hill, Frommer’s Luxury Travel and Travel-Watch, just to name a few.   Besides holding a lifetime college teaching credential and teaching for two decades, Nick is a member of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFW&TWA), FIJET, Writer's Guild, listed in Media Map and Press Access.  Nick has actually cooked professionally in his family's and friend's restaurants, as well as reviewed some of the leading restaurants around the country and around world, exposing him to a variety of cuisines and cooking methods.   Nick is an avid skier, PADI certified SCUBA diver, and also enjoys sailing occasionally in Mission Bay San Diego.  You can reach Nick at

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