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Linda-Marie Singer is The Live Wire

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The miraculous Sarah working to make the client beautiful with a Mini Lift!  Photo credit: Linda-Marie Singer Dead Sea, ISRAEL The joke goes that you can push your mother-in-law into the Dead Sea and she’ll never drown. Depending on your point of view, this is either good news or bad news. Or perhaps just very old news since everybody knows that the Dead Sea has been around some 4,000 years, and has attracted celebrities dating back to the Queen of Sheba who bathed in the sea’s rich, black mud, and Herod the Great who rejuvenated himself in the steaming mineral water.

Today’s Dead Seascape looks vastly different from that of ancient times when there were no Hyatts or Radissons, only the water’s recuperative powers.

Situated at the world’s lowest point (1,290 feet below sea level), the Dead Sea still has the earth’s highest concentration of minerals. It also has 50% more bromine so you won’t need a Sleep-Eze, 15% more magnesium than the ocean, so your skin will be toned and refreshed. But if you’re still not convinced that Israel’s Dead Sea is the perfect relaxing getaway, consider the low altitude, high temperatures, sparse rainfall and pollen-free atmosphere -- all good for the body and soul.

“I came here 20 years ago from Romania,” says Sarah, the Dead Sea’s doyenne of beauty. “Before I arrived in Israel I was sick all the time,” she explains while preparing her special skin creams for clients arriving from Italy, Germany and France.

Located in the RADISSON MORIAH PLAZA DEAD SEA HOTEL, SARAH’S BEAUTY SHOP has a list of treatments that you won’t find in many spas or salons - and at such modest prices. Along with haircuts and pedicures there are also facials ($55), eyelash/brow tints ($20), make-up lessons ($20), lymph drainage -face ($35), and everyone’s favorite, the mini lift ($60). Inquire how long each session takes and her answer is always, “You can’t measure beauty in time.”

Gliding gracefully into her late 60s, Sarah’s a classic belle with hardly a crinkle. “It’s all the Dead Sea,” she says. “I exercise 5 times daily. Never mind all the jogging and aerobics,” she cautions. “They’ll kill your body. Not the Dead Sea. It’s spiritual. Healing.”

But now it’s time for healing of a different kind --cosmetic! The mini lift approaches. The expert puts on her glasses and adjusts the magnifying glass that shows the client’s every line, wrinkle, and crevice. Unlike any normal make-up mirror, this one can pick up a fleck of dust, so don’t be surprised to look up and see your face suddenly resemble Route 66.

“Can you see what I see?” she teases as the mirror shines on my reflection. “Study how you look NOW,” she emphasizes. “When I’m finished, you won’t see the heavy lines. If you stayed awhile and did several treatments a week, you’ll never need the plastic surgeon.” Then she points to her own miraculous face and smiles.

Although I don’t ask for an eyelash tint, she applies one. “We all must look DIFF-ER-ENT from time to time,” she says enunciating each syllable. “This is what I tell my customers, especially my friend, the aging ballerina from Paris. When she visits I always give her a fashionable look which is tremendous for the spirit.”

The next time I glance at the magnifying glass, my lower eyelids resemble those of Liz Taylor’s. Before I can say thank you, she is applying her restorative mix of Vitamin E, aloe, and Dead Sea minerals to my face. It will harden into a masque and remain on for 30 minutes which will give her time to consult with another client. “Too much sun!” I can hear her saying. “I will begin to heal your face. But first take a glimpse at how you are NOW.”

Minutes pass and when I look up, I stare back at what looks like an advertisement for “The Phantom of the Opera.” Sarah sighs: “Your mouth is not in a good place,” she informs me. Of course she is translating from Romanian and Hebrew and I cannot figure out what she means. “Your mouth -- it’s all wrong. It is not calm.” I bring my hand up and feel around my face. It feels like Braille. “Excuse me, but I need to put my finger in your mouth.” Without warning, she pokes a finger in and the shape alters. “There!” she says. “There! You must believe me when I tell you how beautiful you’re going to be!”

It seems like forever before the alarm rings. Thankfully, the rinsing begins and particles of creams and other minerals float away. “DIFF-ER-ENT!” she exclaims. “Wonderful!” She summons the other patrons. “You should have seen her before I started.” She takes a pencil and points to all the places with lines. “What do you think NOW?” she asks. “Yes!” they murmur. “YES!”

She shines a bright light on my face and the magnifying glass comes down. I open my eyes and look. The miracle appears! “Ah, can you see those deep lines now? ” she questions. Then she answers herself, “Of course not! Now do you believe me?” As if there were ever any doubt.

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SARAH’S BEAUTY SHOP is located in the Radisson Moriah Plaza Dead Sea Hotel, 90 minutes drive from Jerusalem.

  • Phone: 011-972-07-584221 Extension 295

  • Fax: 011-972-07-584-238/Sarah’s Beauty Shop

Call Phone: 800-221-0203 and ask Radisson for the resort’s spa packages and special relaxation treatments.


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Linda-Marie Singer "The LIVEWIRE" for Travel Watch. Former President of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, and created the national writers conference, "The Days of Wine & Proses." She is a travel and entertainment reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area. (More about this writer.)

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