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Discovering the South of France by Canoe

By Melissa Schulz

Located in the South of France, Les Gorges de L'Ardeche is a serine canoe voyage through jagged cliffs and crystal clear water.  Over the years the river Ardeche has sliced through the rock making it one of the most incredible sites in France. The journey down the river is a beautiful voyage with a few exciting rapids to keep you alert. 

You start the journey in a little agricultural village called Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. There are plenty  of local campsites to accommodate you the night before you leave.  You have the choice between three descents of different lengths, 3 miles, 14 miles, 18 miles, and 37 miles, depending on your experience.  There are plenty places to rent the canoes with qualified instructors that speak English. Check out to make reservations.

Along your descent you can stop and enjoy picnics, swimming and sun bathing, on the little beaches.  Forget your bathing suit!  There are different campsites, along the shore, to sleep for the night.

There is much more to L'Ardeche than a canoe trip.  This  was home to the pre-historic men, Homo Erectus, Neandertal, and cro-Magnon.  Check out the Musee Regional de Prehistoric to get a good idea of everyday life of the "caveman".  There are also colorful and mysterious caves to visit, like the Chauvet cave, home to the most ancient rock-engravings and paintings known to this date. There are other sport activities you can enjoy like rock climbing, horseback riding,  and bicycling. Contact the local tourist office to get more information call 04 75 88 04 01.  

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Melissa Schulz is an American living in France. She has been traveling over a year to various destinations like Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece. 


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