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        Wondrous Reads From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Children's Book Review

Is there a publisher on this earth who puts out books for children as good as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


But this current batch of worthies would be hard to beat.

“Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa” by Erica Silverman and painted by Betsy Lewin ($15.00) is a delightful romp with the characters in the book’s title as they welcome spring babies to the ranch.  Appealing.

“Emma’s Poem” by Linda Glaser with paintings by Claire  A. Nivola ($17.00) is a winning and  educational paean to Emma Lazarus’ world famous poem and to the Statue of Liberty. The little book’s content is more relevant today  in many ways. Must own.

“Theodosia” by R.L. LaFevers ($16.00, 375 pages) is a page turner loaded with stuff fans of archeology and fantasy will revel in. The book is a escapism adventure at its best – one loaded with all kinds of surprises. Get it.

“Mimi’s Dada Cat” ($17.00) by Shelly Jackson is about a cat the other cats make fun of, a cat who seeks a human with the soul of a Dadaist. There are some wrenching moments along the way but the book ends happily.  Joyous reading.

“A Wizard From the Start”  ($17.00) by Don Brown and “Five Little Monkeys” ($5.99) by Eileen Christelow are very different kinds of children’s books – in size, in subject matter, in tone. Yet, both are both very worthwhile. Brown presents a carefully created overview of the life of Edison. Christelow is free and easy with her story telling and art work.

Go for both.

Finally, there is “Palazzo Inverso” by D. B. Johnson ($17.00) a magical, mind blowing work – just incredible by an author/illustrator who lives in rural New Hampshire just as the reviewers do. We see carpenters standing on their heads, workers falling up stairs and revel in the story and the sleek and special colors of the paintings throughout. MOST NOTABLE

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About the Authors:  Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer are a wife and husband team who successfully bridge the worlds of popular culture and traditional scholarship. Co-authors of the critically acclaimed interactive oral histories It Happened in the Catskills, It Happened in Brooklyn, Growing Up Jewish in America, It Happened on Broadway, It Happened in Manhattan, It Happened in Miami. They teach what they practice as professors at Dartmouth College.

They are also travel writers who specialize in luxury properties and fine dining as well as cultural history and Jewish history and heritage in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. More about these authors.

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