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Make Honeymoon Memories in Romantic Germany
Eve Carr and Millard Carr

Your wedding day is like your very own fairy tale where dreams come true. To linger in this magical world a little longer, think about a honeymoon in Germany. This is the land of romantic towering castles, villages of half-timbered houses nestled in peaceful valleys and cows grazing on lush green mountain slopes

But what if you don't speak German? Actually, that's not really a problem. Many Germans are bilingual. Also, with a good phrase book, a smile and a friendly attitude, it's easy to make yourself understood - and make new friends.

Germany's Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse), an approximately 200-mile drive, much of it through picturesque farmlands, is ideal for a honeymoon. Fly into Frankfurt and rent a car, you'll be able to drive from Wurzburg in the north, to Fussen, in the southern foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Along the way, you will be charmed by one German village after another.

The ancient walled city of Rothenburg ob der (on the) Tauber River is one Romantic Road gem you won't want to miss. In this medieval walled city, you 'll stroll down cobblestone streets and shop in ancient buildings for modern handcrafts. In historic churches and museums, the past will come alive. As you walk, hand-in-hand around Rothenburg's elevated wall itself, you can peer out, through narrow arrow slits, on the countryside and pretend you live in the 12th century. You can stay in ancient accommodations and enjoy modern amenities, while dining on sumptuous German fare, and sipping local Franken wine.

At Romantic Road towns such as Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen and Fussen, you'll get a close-up look at how many Germans live today, as they work, shop and play. Visit the local grocery stores to look for unusual souvenirs at bargain prices, interact with the local villagers, stop to admire a friendly dog, and sink your teeth into a hot wurst from a German street vendor, and you'll build simple, but personal, honeymoon memories that will last a lifetime.

At the Romantic Road's end, near Fussen, you'll be able to admire everyone's classic storybook castle - Neuschwanstein - the fairy-tale-like creation of King Ludwig II. (Reservations go quickly for this popular attraction, and, even then, lines can be long, so make plans accordingly.)

Enjoy Germany's Diverse Offerings

Germany offers honeymooners much more than romantic villages and storybook castles. In cosmopolitan cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Weimar and others, you'll find up-scale shops, cultural attractions and events, and nightlife entertainment for every taste.

If you like to be where the action is, plan to visit Hannover for Expo 2000, a world-wide exposition of gigantic proportions. Some 40 million visitors are expected to visit this Millennium World's Fair during the summer of the year 2000.

Visit the eastern states of Germany, and you will be able to enjoy a "new" destination. Many of these locations were part of the former German Democratic Republic and have undergone dramatic reconstruction. Here you'll find a variety of cultural and historical attractions, upscale hotels and many a quaint gasthouse, as well as the pastoral beauty of hillsides painted with broad stripes of vineyards leading down to the Elbe River.

By taking a river cruise aboard the MS Clara Schumann, both driver and passenger can relax and drink in the scenic beauty of central Germany as you peacefully glide along the Elbe River. KD Cruises has been offering a variety of tours and amenities since 1827. For more information, visit their web site at or call 800-346-6525.

In short, Germany offers newlyweds an incredibly diverse number of honeymoon options, and it's difficult to select just one. But, that's no problem.

Anniversaries here can be just as enjoyable. For more information about these many options visit or call

Take a Break in Iceland 

To stretch your travel budget even further and add more adventure to your honeymoon, check out Icelandair's offer to "Take-A-Break in Iceland" on your way to/from Europe." Since Iceland lies midway between North America and continental Europe, Icelandair offers a number of packages to allow you to stop over at no additional airfare.

Here you can enjoy a variety of natural attractions such as majestic fjords, inspiring waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, as well as a diverse offering of nightlife entertainment.

For a surrealistic experience, take a dip in Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon, a pool of mineral-rich geothermal seawater in the middle of a lava field just 15 minutes from the Reykjavik airport. For more information, phone 800-223-5500, or visit their web site at

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Freelance writers Eve and Millard Carr of Great Falls, Virginia, specialize in writing about unique honeymoon destinations. They can be reached by at: and


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