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Have A Hot Time at an Adult’s Only Resort: Hedonism II


Claudine Williams

Fox's Temptation Island probably inspired girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses everywhere to question their mates. Would he? Would she? If on an island with tons of gorgeous men and women, would I have a chance? Would our relationship exist?

Obviously, these people haven't ventured to Hedonism II, an "adults only" club in Negril, Jamaica. If you have ever gone to Hedonism II with your mate, you'd know for sure how he would behave on Temptation Island.

SuperClubs’ two Hedonism resorts are probably as close to Temptation Island as you could get. When I arrived to the resort, a wet T-shirt contest was just about wrapping up. The winner, a brunette in a bikini, bounced away saying, "oh and I was nervous."

Hedonism II is a place where ordinary people lose their inhibitions. Teachers, doctors, attorneys and wealthy businessmen get wild. Hedonism is a cliched tropical paradise with all the food you can eat and all the liquor you can drink included in the price.

What's more, there are games, adult games and activities to add to an already sexually charged atmosphere. And of course, nudity isn't a big deal at Hedonism II. There's a nude beach where just about anything goes and there’s a prude beach for those who'd rather keep their clothes on. 

Most visitors say that the prude side is boring and the nude side is where the action is. There's a swim-up bar on the nude side and a hot tub. And while management doesn’t condone public sexual contact, it isn't discouraged. Just check out the hot tub after dark.

The entertainment staff, hired to get the party going, isn’t around the hot tub at night. For example, for the pajama party, a staffer at the resort showed up wearing a leather thong and pasties.   That's it. Both the male and the female entertainment staffers flirt, tempt and tease, but they don't cross the line. At least they don't publicly cross the line.

The rooms, which are moderately furnished, have mirrors on the ceilings. You aren't supposed to wear anything under your toga for the toga party. If you sign up for the island picnic, you'll find out shortly that you’re not in for a family barbecue. Be prepared to get toasted on Jamaican rum punch or beer while playing stripping games.

Most of the guests are couples. And unless you are in a rock- solid relationship, be prepared for drama that rivals Temptation Island, any day. While there, I overheard two couples arguing. Men abandoned their mates to seek other pleasures. Women did things with other people they wouldn't think of doing on the mainland in their regular lives. Hedonism II feels surreal. It is too easy to forget there. It's too easy to forget yourself and consequences of your actions. Most people who visit return. I've heard of people crying because they are overcome with sadness when they must return to reality. One thing is for sure, after my visit, it's hard to view seemingly prudish people the same way again. Hedonism II either exposes your true character or changes it. These days, I'm not so sure which.

earn more about Hedonism II by calling 800-GO-SUPER (or 800-467-8737) or
visit their web site at

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Cladine Williams is a freelance travel writer. (More about this writer.)


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