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Mourad Teyeb 

ITB Berlin 2000: Tourism Studies Centre to be Created
Mourad Teyeb 

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Once again Hall 5.3 at the international Tourism Exchange ITB Berlin will be the venue for the Tourism Studies Center, with presentations and information by universities, vocational colleges, institutes and technical colleges of a wide spectrum of training and advanced training opportunities with a practical relevance.

So far, more than 40 exhibitors from eight countries have already registered to attend, emphasizing once again the international interest that exists in this forum, which is devoted to research and to practical aspects and training in every field of tourism. In addition to the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, representatives from the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and the USA will be attending.

The congress "Progress in Tourism Research," March 12 and 13, will feature papers by leading national and international figures. It is divided into three groups of sessions, each dealing with a different keynote subject. Themes will include "Trends and progress in international tourism research", "Consumerism and experiences," and "Destination management."

Each of the papers will seek to illuminate different aspects of the main theme, which will subsequently be discussed by experts, the representatives of research and business, students and other interested persons. The aim of this congress is to identify the progress being made in tourism research in various disciplines, and to compare this with the practical requirements of the tourism industry.

The traditional award of the Tourism Studies Prize of the ITB Berlin will be made for the best work produced for a seminar, or by candidates for diplomas and doctorates, by ambitions newcomers to the tourism sector. The Tourism Studies Prize 2000 is organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswirtschaft (German Tourism Industry Society), and Professor Edgar Kreilkamp of the University of Lüneburg.

FUTURISTA is also setting up a project exchange to promote communication and the exchange of ideas between researchers and those on the practical side. FUTURISTA is an umbrella organization of students' working groups. One of its particular aims is to encourage a dialogue between newcomers to the tourism sector and the industry.


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Mourad Teyeb Mourad Teyeb holds degrees in English and Literature, Educational Psychology, and Computer Science.  Fluent in English, French, Arabic, German, and Italian. Mourad's, Mourad trained with the African Center for the Training and with Recycling of  Journalists, Tunisian Papers and Magazines.  In additional to journalism, Mourad has also had travel agent tour operating training. (More about Mourad Teyeb.)

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